Exit interviews are typically conducted in the corporate setting when a person ends employment (for a variety of reasons). The answers help reveal areas of opportunity and avoid assumptions. Lifeway research revealed most people leave or switch churches because they are fleeing the former church as opposed to being drawn to another. As uncomfortable as it is, it is a good idea for churches to gather information on why people are leaving. Here are seven questions to ask the person about their decision:

1. What did you find most appealing about this church when you joined?

2. What has changed since then?

3. Would you say that you left in reaction to a particular person, event or attitude? Please explain.

4. Did anyone in the church speak to you about it before you left?

5. Did you have an opportunity to do what you do best here?

6. What one thing would you change about the church?

7. What one thing would you keep the same at the church?

What other questions would you ask a person who has decided to move on? Please share.

Pastor Anthony C. Cobbs
Breakthrough Ministry Consulting