This summer I have spent quite a bit of time in Houston, Texas working with my friends at Higher Dimension Church. Pastor Terrence Johnson and his team are a creative and lively group of people who have been a blessing to observe. Each team member has a unique skill set and approach to ministry that creates a flow of cooperation that results in a tremendous church experience.

Identifying the type of people who make up your team helps you as the leader know how to move the team forward. Here are five people who usually show up on a team:

The Practical Person. This person helps keep the team grounded by placing reality at the forefront. Decisions are viewed through the lens of the bottom line or what makes sense. The leader has to affirm this person’s stewardship, while offering opportunities to teach on faith.

The Creative Person. The creative person is always thinking outside the box. This (typically) high energy person jumps out the gates with ideas when others are still working out details.
The leader has to help this person with pace and purpose. Creativity has to be reigned in without being rained on.

The Charmer. This person is likable, friendly, and able to get people to do things without much resistance.
The leader has to place this person in the right seat, one that is not just visible but also valuable to the advancement of vision.

The Servant. This person gravitates toward opportunities to tangibly serve and make sure everyone’s comfortable.
The leader has to make sure this person is not limited to acts of service but able to contribute to the plans and processes of the organization.

The Organizer. This person is analytical, methodical, and systems-driven, which means disorganization is nearly sinful. The leader has to work with this person in building crossable bridges between chaos and efficiency. 

The key to a great team is balance. Too many of the same type of people will result in stifled growth. When looking at your team, can you identify the above “characters”? What other type of people would you add to this list?