Good leaders know the importance of being surrounded by a quality team. A leader needs people who are capable, creative, and collaborative. What he or she does not need is a team of “yes men”, people who are there solely to carry out every whim of the leader. Here are 5 ways to know when a person is a “yes man”:

1. He constantly flatters the leader.

2. She does what she is told even when she knows it’s wrong.

3. He is not allowed to give feedback.

4. She justifies the flaws of the leader.

5. He is not the leader but “keeps an eye on” the staff.

Do you know people like this? Help them to know, especially those in a church, the danger of placing man over mission. Leaders should be respected and followed, of course, but a team of “yes men” lacks innovation. Since they are only doing what the leader says, the team, and ultimately the organization, is limited to what the leader knows and wants.

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Pastor Anthony Cobbs